Friday, March 28, 2008

Too Little, Too Late

Here's the little:
"Our government is committed to the federalism of openness, an approach to federal-provincial relations that relies on respect for jurisdiction and productive collaboration to get things done for Canadians," [Prime Minister Stephen] Harper said in a statement.
Here's the too late:

The criticism [of Ontario's budget] was widely believed to have been approved by Mr. Harper's office. But the move appeared to backfire on his government, with many observers criticizing it for meddling in the province's affairs. "It wasn't going well for them," a provincial government source said.
[Globe & Mail, Ottawa, Ontario find 'common ground,' cool war of words]

Couple this with the Ontario PC Party's invisibility when it comes to distancing itself from these attacks, and you seemingly have an orchestrated event to launch an all out Ontario Conservative attack on a sitting Ontario premier.

The worst part of this is that the Ontario Progressive Conservatives did actually criticize the Ontario budget and the policies of the Ontario Liberals:

Tory referred to several financial and economic indicators that demonstrate the harmful effect that McGuinty government policies are having on the Ontario
economy, including:

  • Four years ago, Ontario’s per capita fiscal capacity was $400 above the cut off for equalization payments. Today, that number has fallen to $84.
  • The Canadian unemployment rate is the lowest in 33 years. Yet, the Ontario unemployment rate was above the national average in 2007.
  • Ontario’s growth in 2007 was the slowest in the country.
  • In 2007, Ontario reported a net loss of over 36,000 people to other provinces, with a record loss of 14,720 people in the third quarter alone.
  • Ontario has the slowest growth in private sector job creation in Canada.
  • After the budget, of all of the provinces, Ontario has the highest tax rate on new business investment.

It was fruitless, of course, as it was all upstaged by Tweedledum and Tweedledummer.

Well played, everyone.

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