Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Proof that Bland Works

It's not entirely surprising that the Progressive Conservatives won, but how well they did ... wow [CBC, Albertans re-elect historic 11th straight Tory government]:

The Tories, who began their political dynasty in 1971, captured 72 of 83 seats, gaining 11 seats and increasing their share of the popular vote by about six per cent from the last vote in 2004.


The extent of the Conservative victory stunned the Alberta Liberals, led by Kevin Taft, who lost seven of their 16 legislative seats, led by a collapse in their traditional base of support in Edmonton.


The NDP also suffered a major blow Monday night, losing two of their four seats, including one in Edmonton held by former leader Ray Martin.

The Alberta Greens increased their popular vote by two per cent over their 2004 election results, but failed again to elect their first-ever MLA in the province, as well as in Canada.

The Wildrose Alliance will not be represented in the legislature as leader Paul Hinman lost a tight race to retain the party's single seat in southern Alberta.
I would also like to point out that the Alberta Progressive Conservatives took 88% of the legislature with 53% of the popular vote [CBC, Alberta Votes 2008].

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