Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Progressive Conservatives Stand Up for Ontario

Unfortunately for me, it's the Newfoundland & Labrador Progressive Conservatives.

Bloomberg, Newfoundland Leader `Flabbergasted' by Canada Tax Row
"I'm flabbergasted, for want of a better term, and astonished that a Canadian federal finance minister would make a statement that his home province is the last place that people should be doing business in Canada," [Progressive Conservative Premier Danny ] Williams said. "That's pretty close to what he said -- that's a very irresponsible statement."


"If there was ever a time that Canada should step up and support Ontario -- and Ontario has been the heart of Canada for a long time from an economic perspective -- it's now. But they seem to be doing just the opposite," Williams said.
[H/T, Warren Kinsella]

Does the Newfoundland & Labrador Progressive Conservative Party accept out of province memberships?

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