Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Liberal Party has Jumped the Shark

Today and yesterday, in the progressive blogosphere, the Liberal party was being rightly taken to task for their support for Bill C-484, the Unborn Victims of Crime Act.

In the midst of this meltdown and to change their lagging fortunes, the Liberal party will enter a motion condemning the other Opposition parties for bringing down the Paul Martin Liberal-minority government [Toronto Star, Liberals plan motion slamming . . . NDP and Bloc]:
Liberals will attempt to turn the tables Thursday on rival parties who've ridiculed them for being afraid of toppling the minority Conservative government.

They'll introduce a motion condemning the NDP and Bloc Quebecois for defeating the previous Grit government in November 2005, thereby enabling Stephen Harper's Tories to win power.

The motion slams the Harper government for setting back women's equality rights by cancelling such Liberal measures as the Court Challenges Program and a national child care program.
Is this what a vote for the Liberal party means? Is this the kind of parliamentary work they were sent to do in Opposition? What's next? A motion condemning Canadians who didn't vote Liberal in 2006?

Bill Casey should be offended that he wasn't named in the motion since he technically voted to bring down the government while he sat as a Conservative.

The funny thing is, if this were a confidence motion, the Liberals would vote against it.

Updated: Added more posts to the "taking to task" comment at the top.

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Mike said...

You know where Dion was? Not in the House voting against this - he was at Stornaway hosting a party with his wife for INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY.

Can your fucking believe that?