Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bob Rae Would be a Bad Choice*

A vote for Bob Rae in Toronto Centre is a vote to send another empty chair to the House of Commons.

Liberal strategy to date has been about abstentions, inconsequential motions and marginalizing their progressive wing.

Add to this, Bob Rae, Liberal foreign affairs critic, is unaware that Canadian troops are serving in Iraq.

Add to this, Bob Rae, needs to plant questions from high profile supporters in the audience at a town hall debate. For a guy that supposedly has a lock on the riding, he sure smells desperate.

* I borrowed the title of this post from Jason Cherniak's post, Bob Rae would be a bad choice.


RP. said...

Good to see you Jim!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I reckon a by-election is a good time to test out the new guys. I'd like to see Green Chris Tindal whip Bobby's backside. Like yer sayin', there's no point in elected a Liberal. All's they do is nuthin'. I guarantee a Green MP'd sit in the House and vote.