Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Randy Hillier for Ontario PC Leader?

Who could have known that Randy Hillier would be the first out of the gate to openly criticize John Tory [Ottawa Citizen, Landowners set to challenge PC leader's remake of party]:

A large block of rural delegates will attend an Ontario Progressive Conservative convention in just more than a week, says the group's co-founder, Randy Hillier, a move that adds intrigue to a showdown between party leader John Tory and his detractors.

Members of the Ontario Landowners Association, a libertarian group that rails against excessive government interference, will assert their agenda by involving themselves in the party's policy process, says president Jack MacLaren.

At a minimum, the group will challenge Mr. Tory's moderate remake of the party. "I think the party has to come out and define itself as a Conservative alternative to the Liberals," said Mr. Hillier.

[H/T, Warren Kinsella]

Who could have guessed that there were MPP's with significant support and backing already in the legislature that you'd need to overcome or incorporate into your support base. Not me, that's for sure.

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