Tuesday, February 12, 2008

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What it Means to Me

Via Canadian Cynic, we learn that a commenter at a conservative blog asks:
Tell me what - in the left's mind -the conservative government has done that has NOT earned your respect.

Well, I certainly do not consider myself a "lefty" - others may disagree - but, I'd still like to comment on the question. First, let me reprint the comments where I share the same opinion as the commenter about why the Conservatives have lost my respect.


Let's recall Harper's reneging on a clear and unambiguous campaign promise -- a patient wait times guarantee. And let's recall how that guarantee magically disappeared when no one was looking.


Michael Fortier.


Income trusts.

To this, I'll add my own reasons. These are in no particular order.

The Conservatives refusal to govern on principle, rather they govern by poll:

Under Stephen Harper's Conservatives, the federal government spent more money on polling and focus groups last year than in any other since it began tracking the total costs of public opinion surveys.

More than $31 million was spent sampling opinions in 2006-07, the first full fiscal year under a Tory government, according to a Public Works and Government Services Canada report.

The Tories outspent all the previous Liberal governments on public opinion research.

The defection of David Emerson from the Liberal party to the Conservatives under largely the same circumstances as Belinda Stronach's defection for which she was criticized.

Ideologically cutting the budget out of the Status of Women stating that they were using the money for advocacy and research, yet taking cash in themselves from the taxpayers to do advocacy and research.

Dumping Garth Turner from caucus.

Dumping Mark Warner as a candidate in Toronto-Centre due to "internal electoral riding association issues", but protecting more publicly controversial candidates like Rob Anders and Rondo Thomas (and others).

The confusion around the handling of Afghanistan detainees best summarized by a Globe editorial today:

For instance, for nearly three months after the military stopped transferring the prisoners to the Afghans over torture concerns, the Canadian government neglected to tell Canadians. When the truth finally came out because of a document in a public court file, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's spokeswoman said the military had changed the policy without telling the government; a day later she recanted.

The AECL "crisis" best handled and described by JimBobby.

General childish behaviour in Parliament. For example,

CBC, Opposition demands release of alleged Tory 'dirty tricks' manual:

Opposition parties on Friday demanded the Conservative government make public a reported 200-page guidebook on how to create chaos in parliamentary committees.

MPs from all three opposition parties used question period to call on the government to table the alleged document, which was reported in the National Post.

The guidebook, reportedly handed out to selected Conservative MPs, offers advice on how to favour government agendas, select party-friendly witnesses, coach favourable testimony, obstruct debate and, if needed, storm out of committee meetings.

Or this, Globe & Mail, Van Loan's juvenile slur:

The question from Liberal MP Mark Holland was both obvious and necessary: Will Canadians be informed when and if Canada's military resumes handing over prisoners to the Afghan authorities? The answer from Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan: "What we will not do is what the agent for the Taliban intelligence agency wants us to do over there, which is to release to them information on detailed operations in the field."

Emphasis mine. That last comment, "release to [the Taliban] information on detailed operations in the field" segues nicely into a display of hopefully general incompetence.

Toronto Star, Minister put Dion at risk in war zone, Liberals say:

The Liberals want Conservative cabinet minister Helena Guergis fired for what they deem an unacceptable breach of security regarding Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion's recent visit to Afghanistan.

In a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Dion said Guergis, the secretary of state for foreign affairs, put his security at risk by revealing details publicly of his itinerary in Afghanistan during a visit last weekend.

Appointing political cronies to federal authorities.

I could probably rhyme off some more, but that will do for now.

Updated: Minor wording change.


Mike said...

Testify brother...

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

It feels good to get it off the chest, you know?

Anonymous said...

The cave on softwood lumber, despite Opposition Leader Harper proclaiming that what a Prime Minister should do is stand fast against the American government, must have slipped your mind, I assume, otherwise I can't see why it would be missed.