Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vote Chris Tindal in Toronto-Centre

While I missed out on trying the coffee at the campaign office opening on Tuesday night (that was my fault), I would like to endorse Chris Tindal for Toronto-Centre. While I don't live in the riding, I hope I can get out and help out on his campaign.

The campaign opening was attended by a lot of supporters with tons of energy. I think Toronto-Centre will be well served by Chris.

There were a few pictures taken during the opening - they're available on Flickr and on Facebook. I made it into one of them, but I'm not saying where ... I'll just say that the expression on my face is less than flattering.

I'd also like to say that I enjoyed chatting with Glenn Hubbers, the Green candidate for Newmarket-Aurora.

My only concern is, the last former Conservative to go campaigning for the Greens eventually signed up with the Liberals ... :-)


CT said...

Thanks Jim! That means a lot. And don't worry, we'll set up a moral support network that will intervene if it looks like you're becoming drawn to the Liberal party in any way. ;-)


Glenn Hubbers said...

Hey Jim, I too enjoyed our chat on Tuesday night. I always enjoy talking to people with an open mind about policy, regardless of which party they support.

Of course, the Green Party welcomes Progressive Conservatives that no longer have a home since their party not longer exists at the federal level. I was never a party member but tended to vote PC myself (not always, but often) before the party was taken over and I found the Greens.

Thanks for the link! Hope to see you down at Chris' campaign as I too will offer whatever hours I can to help.