Monday, December 10, 2007

Open Letter to the Canada Revenue Agency

To whom it may concern,

Recently, it has come to my attention that the federal cabinet has the authority to issue remission orders to taxpayers to excuse them from paying taxes. According to the Ottawa Citizen:

Remission orders are rare and are usually granted to individuals in cases of extreme hardship or a major financial setback that is complicated by extenuating factors. They will also be given if the tax agency made a mistake, gave wrong advice or the tax debt was an unintended consequence of the law. Remissions are a last resort and issued at cabinet's discretion after all other appeals are exhausted.

I also know that the Conservative Party of Canada, fully and without equivocation, stands up for taxpayers.

Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn lobbied on behalf of his consitutents claiming that they were being "taxed ... for money they never saw."

I agree, and I want it established that you cannot be taxed on money you never see.

As an income earner, I too am routinely taxed on money I never see.

In addition to being identically impacted as these fine folks were, I also happen to be in the unfortunate circumstance of having my income tax deducted at source, if you can believe it! This has the effect of making my net income less than my gross income which seems to be a gross violation of the "no taxation without seeing the money first" pledge.

I would like to understand the process for applying for a remission order from the federal cabinet to excuse myself from ever paying taxes because I do not ever see the money. I'm delighted by the item in the pledge ensuring consistency:

We will apply laws consistently and equitably. While each situation is unique, we will ensure taxpayers are treated equally under similar circumstances.

Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.


PS. Because I also time a lot of my bill payments for when I get paid, I find myself paying bills with money I never see - can I get a cabinet remission order to stop me from having to pay bills as well? Please let me know.

[H/T, Garth Turner]

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