Monday, December 03, 2007

Bill C-22

I would like a partisan federal Conservative from Ontario to explain how they can support this bill (if they do so). And, it has to go beyond Mr. Van Loan's explanation that Ontario is getting more seats so Ontario should not complain.

Ontario Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs : Backgrounder [PDF]
The federal government recently introduced new legislation to change the formula for readjusting seats among the provinces in the House of Commons.

If passed, this legislation would be implemented after the 2011 Census has been completed and detailed population statistics generated. This normally takes about nine months and the 2011 Census could be expected to be ready early in 2012. The Chief Electoral Officer will then make a calculation based on this bill and proceed to establish the electoral boundaries commissions in the ten provinces necessary to implement the readjustment.

This note explains in step-by-step detail how the new legislation works.

[H/T, Garth Turner]

Reading the details, it's hard not to feel small.

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