Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Proven Strategy

Back here, I said that I thought it was a silly political strategy for the Ontario Liberal Party to ignore Durham Region.

Well, apparently I was wrong.

Metroland Durham Region Media Group: Progressive Conservatives deserve your vote
New to the provincial scene after a run for mayor of Toronto in 2003, Mr. Tory has proved a quick study. He has made a number of trips to Durham Region and has shown a deep interest in issues our way whether it be the badly needed extension of Hwy. 407 past Brock Road in Pickering, the need for a new hospital in north Whitby, or the requirement that the underfunding of the 905 region be fixed. He has a plan in his platform to fix these problems.


Durham voters have a chance to help play a major role and to get Ontario moving in the right direction after Oct. 10. They can best do that by voting Progressive Conservative.

I personally believe that Dalton should continue to ignore Ontario - similar to the way he previously governed.

Seems to be working for him.


Oxford County Liberals said...

It must be - one only need to look at DemocraticSPACE's seat projections on your sidebar to see that ;)

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Shuns the media; aloof with the public.

It's a strategy that worked for somebody else too...

When he shakes his kids' hands before school, I'll know it for sure.