Wednesday, October 03, 2007

MMP : Garth Turner : One Voter, Two Votes

While I'd like to think of Garth Turner as a "conservative" for MMP, he is in fact, technically a "Liberal" for MMP.

The Turner Report : One voter. Two votes.

The coming provincial referendum in Ontario is the latest attempt to break the influence of machine politics. A citizen’s assembly came up with a compromise system called MMP. In brief, citizens will get two votes, one for a local rep and one for the party they want to form government. The guy getting the most votes in a riding (like now) will be elected. In addition there will be a list of other candidates-at-large and they will become MPPs in a proportion equal to the support their party received. The party with the most elected from both ridings and lists gets to govern.


A proportional representation system empowers voters. It gives them more choice. It ensures the majority opinion is reflected in government. It is fairer. It allows smaller parties a role. It encourages compromise. It lets parties increase the role of women and minorities as list candidates. It permits citizens to decide on the best local candidate, and also the best party to govern. One voter. Two votes.

And, I seriously hope, an end to politics as we know it.

And, just to further discuss one aspect of Mr. Turner's post. He comments that "all responsible parties under a PR system like the one Ontario is debating will surely be nominating their list candidates in an open and fair manner"; this is indeed the case.

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