Tuesday, October 02, 2007

MMP : FPTP Supporter Need Not be Confused

Over at Aaron Lee Wudrick's blog, Joanne (True Blue), noted supporter of the first-past-the-post electoral system, laments:
You said a mouthful, especially the part about not voting early because things can change.

I'm really confused now. John Tory convinced me that [faith based]-funding was an issue of fairness. The UN backs him up.

Now my local PC candidate says he'll vote against it.

If only Ontario had a democratic electoral system where a vote for the candidate could be separated from the vote for the party platform. There would be no confusion.

If only ...

While Joanne may ultimately come to a different conclusion, a similar voter exists who is left scratching their heads having to decide which viewpoint they find the least offensive. It doesn't matter if they are voting Liberal, Conservative, NDP, or Green.

That person will either hold their nose and vote for someone or something they don't believe in, which is okay to those supporting FPTP, that's democracy after all. In the worse case, they'll stay home, and allow someone or something they don't believe in to be elected - that's also democracy, apparently.

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