Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where is Dalton?

If I am Dalton McGuinty, I'm now starting to plan a whirlwind local media tour through the Durham Region. It seems a silly political strategy to avoid one of the key battlegrounds in this election.

Where is Dalton?
Like the elusive Waldo, [Liberal leader] Dalton [McGuinty] appears to be playing his best game of hide-and-seek. Despite requests from the Metroland Durham Region Media Group to sit down with us and talk shop, the Premier's team made it pretty clear he wasn't interested in visiting Durham.

John Tory, Howard Hampton, and Frank de Jong have all been interviewed.

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meghanwarby said...

Hey James,
We've just launched our Election Predictor website here: http://ontariopredictor.hillandknowlton.ca

It would be interesting to hear what you think the future legislature will look like, as well as what you think of the tool itself and the Facebook application.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and thanks for your comments on the election campaign so far.