Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time to Close Up Shop, Folks

From the Ottawa Citizen, Web wars put an edge on old-time politics:
The Internet's ability to enable rapid-fire repartée between campaigns can have a downside, depending on how idealistic you are about politics.

The need for similar hype amidst millions of websites, combined with the ease of production, might encourage Internet ads to take a decidedly edgier, more negative tone.

"It doesn't advance the cause of democracy or inform voters," said Robert MacDermid, a York University political scientist who thinks Internet politics benefit the media more than average citizens. "Most voters don't come home at night and look a Liberal party website or blogs. It's still a tiny percentage of people."

Emphasis mine.

Mr. MacDermid didn't really say anything earth-shattering.

If you have a population that's largely apathetic towards politics - regardless of how passionate we (the blogger) may feel about a particular issue - it only stands to reason that they are not going to seek out pockets of political information from blogs and political party websites. Why would they?

Updated: Added a slight clarification.

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