Saturday, September 22, 2007

Little Bits - September 22, 2007

Extremely busy with real life at the moment.
  1. I haven't watched the provincial leaders' debate yet, but from what I can tell - the Ontario PC Party thinks John Tory won, the Liberal Party thinks Dalton McGuinty won, and the NDP thinks Howard Hampton won; the media seems divided between Mr. Tory and Mr. McGuinty taking the debate.

    In the plus column to Mr. McGuinty, I think it was a brilliant move to take out the front page ads in the free dailies yesterday morning making it appear as though the papers were declaring Mr. McGuinty the winner.

  2. Andrew Coyne gives an excellent reason for, well, conservatives to support MMP in today's National Post [National Post, Why conservatives should support proportional representation]. Interesting to note is that one of my reasons to support MMP is that I do want to see a split within the Conservatives. A true centre-right party all on its own would do me just fine. I know some people get all riled up about small government and low taxes; I just want effective and efficient government.

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