Friday, September 14, 2007

John Tory and the Toronto Board of Trade

John Tory and the Progressive Conservative platform was a hit with the Toronto Board of Trade this afternoon:
"I believe we will never have a strong and prosperous Ontario without a strong and prosperous Toronto," Tory said, "Our plan recognizes the need to upload costs from the municipalities to the province. At the same time, I believe all governments must be able to look the taxpayer in the eye and assure them that every dollar is being spent as well as it can be. While I believe that there has been some work done by the City under the Mayor's leadership, I believe there is more to be done."

Tory outlines vision for Toronto at Board of Trade

Tory’s speech, including his promise to eliminate the capital tax, drew frequent applause from the sold-out audience and praise from Toronto Board of Trade President and CEO Carol Wilding.

"We’re here for the business community...and we put three fundamental issues in front of (the leaders): uploading, investment in infrastructure and the need to support economic growth in this city,” she said. "Quite clearly today, from Mr. Tory we heard very specific answers to those and some financial commitments in large magnitudes to invest in public transit, which is critical for this city."

Wilding continued, "We also put those questions in front of Mr. McGuinty and while we heard some discussion, you know we didn’t hear what we’d like to hear, we were disappointed in terms of addressing those."

It's clear that John Tory and the Progressive Conservative Party are the best option for a prosperous Toronto.


Anonymous said...

Oh that's funny. Good grief, I thought I was at the Blogging Tories accidentally for a second there. Ick!

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I didn't even embellish.

Zorpheous said...

Mile Zero,

Most of the Rightwing Blogging Tories hate John Tory since he is too much of a Red Tory.

Tory is talking about lifting the clusterfuck situation that Harris dumped on Toronto, and that Dalton failed fix.

James will also tell you that Tory isn't exactly in my good books right now, but this at least sounds like a sensible plan to help Toronto, programs and cost were download onto Toronto (and other cities) and the money didn't follow.

James, John has my attention again, but I still find the whole school bullshit hard to swallow,

Jim (Progressive Right) said...


The way I look at it - it's one bad policy versus one bad Premier.

Anonymous said...

Please.... if I could vote there he lost me on schools like 2-3 weeks ago. Other than I would never trust a Tory in Ontario after what they did to the poor and the environment there during the last Con reign.
I have a long memory.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Wow, a partisan Liberal not voting Tory. That's got to be a first.

Zorpheous said...

Mile Zero,

If I went by your logic I could never trust Dion after Cretien and Martin,... yet I look at Dion as a fresh start.

John Tory is not Mike Harris, although I am concerned that there are still too many Harris butt monkeys left in the Ontario PC.

James, in all fairness Dalton was not the worst Ontario PM, he is better that Rae, Harris and Eves any day of the week. I still believe that John would be better for Ontario than Dalton, but his school funding issue is huge hurdle for me to get over, sorry it is just the way I am. If parents want their kids to learn about God, Buddha, Allah or the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster, then let them pay for that at church, temple, mossca or at their local Italian Resterant (may his saucy goodness protect us, pass the wine)

Still, this policy on Toronto sounds good and it would help out the economic engine of Ontario

Anonymous said...

Actually I voted for both Chretien and Martin and will vote for Dion so I really don't see your point at all. I still think it's very amusing.

Zorpheous said...

Mile Zero,

My point is this, I judge the man or woman by there policies and actions and not by what the arse hole before them did.

I personal like Dion, I think he will make a way better PM than Harpo.

As for Tory and Dalton, either one is better than Rae, Harris or Eves. Dalton unfortinately made a bunch of promises that his arse couldn't cover, that is poor leadership and planning. Tory has made some promises that do not sit well with me.

At this point I will not throw my hat into anyones ring right now, James is younger than I am, and is still idealistic and he wants to believe,.... me I am more cautious. I do not vote the party because I am a Conservative, I actually vote for who I think will do the best job.

I just hate that school policy,... it sucks!

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Nobody can be all right all the time. Both Ginty and Tory got some good ideas and they both got bad ones. Fer me, Ginty's sellout to the nuclear enegry industry is pretty much a deal-breaker. He has a credibility problem, too.

Tory's idiotic stand on school funding is a losing proposition and, most likely, has cost him any chance in the election. His hard-line approach to native issues (esp. Caledonia) is not perceptibly different from Mike (Get the f*cking Indians out of there.) Harris. He's also against MMP.

Tory sez he'll put scrubbers on Nanticoke. That's sensible. He ain't come out against nuclear energy. That's disappointing. Investment in nuclear is about as fiscally irresponsible as it gets.