Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Compare and Contrast Leaders on Accountability

Thanks to Jason Cherniak, I wouldn't have seen this.

One of the things that has bothered me to no end about Dalton McGuinty and his performance as Premier is his propensity to blame others for his policy decisions.
Bold promises, bold dreams, followed by an "aw, shucks it's not our fault we can't deliver" press conference with a startling attack on something or somebody else. It's either Mike Harris, Bob Rae, Paul Martin, or Stephen Harper - it's either the fiscal imbalance or the strong Canadian dollar.

It's an indisputable fact. Even in his "mea culpa" on the coal-fired plant broken promise, where he was clearly to blame, he first blamed his advisers.

Well, let me just say, that I am completely impressed by what John Tory, the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party has said [Canoe, Tory will take the fall if policies fail]:

John Tory says the buck stops at the top, and he will take full responsibility if his party goes down to defeat Oct. 10 over his policy on funding for religious schools.

"I have had lots of leadership positions and you know that that's where the buck stops and you have to accept accountability," Tory said at a campaign stop at London's Covent Garden Market, when asked if he'd personally be accountable for the policy.

He's not blaming anybody else for the campaign.

That's the mark of a real leader.

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Anonymous said...

oooo.... the buck stops here, eh?

while i will agree with you that accountability is the NUMBER ONE mark of true leadership, to claim that John Tory of all people is the only choice simply because he SAYS he will take responsibiity is shortsighted, and frankly, a weak arguement.

the problem i have with Tory is not his circular rhetoric, or small-minded educational "theories", but his waivering platforms and seemingly "blowin' in the wind" approach to debate and discussion. if i had a nickel for everytime he changed his position in the last three months, well, i'd have about 30 nickels.

he may very well be the best choice out of all the candidates, but anyone who considers creationism as a solid scientific basis for our children's education shouldn't be allowed to lead a conga line, must less an entire province.

regardless of where you stand on educational issues, no one can rationally argue that science is a study of ancient manuscripts or claims of "divine" wisdom.

please, john tory supporters, if he does make it to office, please, please, please, keep him "accountable", and don't let his personal beliefs affect his responsibilty to uphold the constitution and laws our founding fathers based on reason and debate.

don't let tory destroy thoughful and fact based scientific education to satisfy his own (personal) beliefs.