Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dalton McGuinty Gets Funnier Everyday

Am I the only one to find it utterly laughable for Dalton McGuinty to ask Ottawa for money two weeks almost to the date from him telling the city of Toronto to grow up and raise taxes?

I can't figure out if he's doing this on purpose or not. Like we're all on Candid Camera and he's going to point to a camera and say, "Gotcha!"


Anonymous said...

The only person who's funnier than McGuinty is John Tory. It's now 60 days since the AG released his report of the state of the Province, and look no 5.6 billion dollar deficit like in 2003. John Tory said he would give the voters of Ontario the actual cost of his 240 promises once the AG report came out.

I'm still waiting John, and so are the rest of Ontario!!

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I'll give you points for originality.

I was expecting a "But, but ... Randy Hillier" or a "But, but ... Mike Harris."

I didn't expect a "But, but ... John Tory."