Friday, July 13, 2007

Unions and Ontario Liberals

Sid Ryan and CUPE are to actively campaign against all Ontario Liberals in the upcoming provincial election [CBC, CUPE targets Ontario Liberals in fall election]:

Liberals across Ontario will be targeted by 225,000 members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees in the October provincial election, union leader Sid Ryan said Thursday.

Union members are upset by cuts in the education sector, including fewer school custodians and educational assistants, Ryan, the president of CUPE Ontario, said in Toronto on Thursday.

Link mine.

It's interesting to compare this against Buzz Hargrove's endorsement. Buzz Hargrove has made it no secret he hates everything conservative, which at the best of times seems somewhat misguided (Mr. Hargrove seems to want to campaign against progressive industry and business policies [PDF]), right down to the completely bizarre.

It's interesting because it seems that Mr. Hargrove's endorsement is based upon a view of what the province should do for General Motors, and Mr. Ryan's criticism is based upon a view of what the province should do for education.


Felix Taylor, Jr. said...

Go Sid, go!!!

If the NDP does well, so does the Tories.

Unknown said...

Syd Ryan is a bit of a nut job to begin with. He was backing 2 teachers who wanted to teach about the values of the PLO, and how Israel kills kids for no reason. Of course the vote meant nothing as the union does not control what is taught in the classroom. I'm sure the Liberals don't mind this guy trying to convince his members to vote Conservative or NDP, as the Liberals don't want to be asociated with this man of such hate!!