Thursday, July 12, 2007

Party Like it's 1984!

Jason Cherniak gives a pretty good argument why Ontario Premier Bill Davis should not introduce separate school funding for Catholic school boards. Crazy wacky variant Catholic schools will surely result. If we only had a time traveling device to carry us into the future to show us how it all turns out.

That said, I look forward to Mr. Cherniak's post on who he will be supporting at the Liberal leadership convention - that's the hot political event of the year. My money is on Eugene Whelan, but I don't really have a horse in that race.

Keep up the good work, Jason.


Jason Cherniak said...

What in the world are you talking about? Davis introduced a system with one Catholic Board. Tory is proposing a system that would allow many different types of Catholic schools that don't need to be part of the existing Catholic Board.

If anything, I think history shows that Davis created a discriminatory, self-perpetuating system.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

My point is, the arguments you raised in your post were the same that were levelled against Mr. Davis when he introduced public financing of separate school boards - 23 years ago.

They have, of course, proved to be unfounded.

What's interesting, though, is I agree with you that funding one single school board is ideal - I'm just finding it easier to reconcile my party's position, then you are in reconciling yours.