Thursday, July 19, 2007

A New Era of Peace in our Hospitals

How's that peace in our hospitals going?

Globe & Mail, Ontario to intervene in management of hospital:
The Ontario government is taking the extraordinary step of appointing a supervisor to assume control of a Toronto hospital, following attempts by a community group to overthrow the board of directors.

Health Minister George Smitherman has put Scarborough Hospital on notice that he is seeking legislative approval to bring in a supervisor who will assume all powers of the board and report directly to him. This is only the third time the Liberal government has taken such action.

But, but ... Mike Harris ...?

New rules introduced by the provincial government in 2004 that no longer allow hospitals to operate with a deficit often force boards of directors to make difficult and controversial decisions to meet their budget targets. The government appointed a supervisor at Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston last month, for example, after community activists threatened to take it over. They were upset over the board's decision to cut costs by closing the birthing unit.

Oh, 2004.

Quick, they need a distraction.

If only someone could find a picture of John Tory and Randy Hillier.

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