Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Vote to Keep "Tory"

Points to the Torontoist:
John Tory pledges that a Conservative government would push to provide public funding for private religious schools. Given that the plan is an extension of how Ontario already treats Catholic schools in Ontario, it's not a very radical plan. However, this illustrates a growing problem: that John Tory's name makes using the popular Conservative nickname of "Tories" awkward to use. Torontoist plans to issue a petition to get John Tory to change his last name to "Smuckerson" or "Wangdoodle."


northwestern_lad said...

of course, Tory then also mentioned today that would only be after a commission. If it got past that (what if the commission comes back and says "No, Bad idea"???, then what... does the idea die??? do Catholic schools loose their funding???), then a trial run in 2009, and not full implementation until 2010. I'm left wondering if he really believes in this. If he really did, he would act on this much faster. But of course, knowing how he really felt, he would have to make a concrete commitment, and we know that he doesn't want to look like Dalton, so that probably won't happen.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

The commission is to find the best way to implement it.

If you notice too, 2010 is the next round of municipal elections - depending on the recommendations of the commission, that would be in time to elect new school trustees.

But, that aside, you have to admit, there is no doom and gloom - it's a measured implementation of a policy.