Wednesday, July 25, 2007

For Clarification : School Funding Issue

I'd just like to clear up a common misconception, referenced by this article in the Toronto Star [School funding becoming defining issue]. Specifically this assertion:

[I]n taking opposite positions on the issue, both the Liberals and the Conservatives believe [the school funding issue] will play to their advantage in the Oct. 10 election.

No, the Liberals are not taking the opposite position on the issue.

The opposite position would be to cease all funding for all faith-based public schools. The Tory position is to equally fund all faith-based public schools.

The Ontario Liberals have, however, taken the position that earned Ontario two United Nations condemnations for discrimination.

Carry on.


susansmith said...

Our school funded education system should reflect a separation of church and state - thus we should be funding one secular school system in both official languages in Canada. See, one school system organization.
Children live and play together in their communities, let them learn together too!

Unknown said...

Sorry, Jan.
"Separation of Church and State" is American. Here in Canada we SUPPORT cultures in an attempt to maintain our cultural mosaic. Other than the small Atlantic ones, Canadian provinces subsidize faith-based schools. Ontario fully funds 93% of our faith-based students who all happen to be Catholic. John Tory's proposal brings fairness to the remaining 7% by inviting them to join the publicly funded school system.