Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dalton McGuinty : He's Ordinary

Coincidentally enough, I'm sure, in the same week we learn that Dalton McGuinty purchases fly swatters at Rona, the Ontario Liberal Party launches a website trying to define Dalton McGuinty as ordinary.

"An ordinary guy with a big job."

It comes up a couple of times in some of the scenes, neatly laid out for all of us in the text version by way of the candid interviews with his family.

The site goes on to describe how Dalton and Terri met, what they do with their nights off. It would seem that, Dalton is indeed ordinary. I will, however, stay away from drawing parallels between this attempt and the last time a politician was described as ordinary.

I will also steer clear of defining "ordinary".

That's because I agree. I do agree with the Ontario Liberals on this one. He is ordinary.

Not in a "I-buy-my-own-fly-swatter" kind of way, though.

And not necessarily for all the funny definitions of ordinary, either, or how it's more important that a Premier should be extraordinary, a leader, and someone who can inspire others.

Where he shows up as clearly ordinary comes from another section of this website that runs down the promises that Dalton McGuinty has broken - that he had to mcguinty, pardon me - a trail that seems to suggest that Dalton McGuinty is indeed ordinary.

An ordinary politician, that is. The type that is only trusted by 14% of the country.

Why do you suppose it is so many Canadians distrust politicians?

It would be nice to elect a Premier who isn't such an ordinary politician.

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Felix Taylor, Jr. said...

((It would be nice to elect a Premier who isn't such an ordinary politician.))

...and you know that man is definately John Tory. Dalton McGuinty's dull, grey and "ordinary" agenda has been the road to nowhere.