Monday, June 04, 2007

Fool Me Twice

I didn't check, but I suspect there will be other blog post titles with a similar theme today [Toronto Star, McGuinty promises no tax hikes]:
Premier Dalton McGuinty has said it before but this time, he says, you can believe him.

The Liberals won't raise your taxes, if re-elected in October, McGuinty said yesterday.

He made the same promise four years ago, but then after getting elected, introduced one of the largest tax hikes in provincial history. The health premium, which costs taxpayers up to $900 a year, puts $2.6 billion into provincial coffers.

Now, I'm not going to rail on how we should get it writing, because we know where that got us.

But, what I find interesting is that this is the same Premier who just 3 years ago told us that sometimes governments have to break their promises.

So, it's not just a credibility thing on the whole "not raising taxes" issue - there's a larger issue about this government needing to promise anything at all. Why even go down that road if you acknowledge the possibility that you will break those promises?

If Dalton McGuinty is so sure of his ability to govern and his record stands to prove it, it should not be necessary to promise anything at all. He should stand up and say, "We may raise taxes, we may not. We won't know till the time comes."

The Ontario Liberals could do that with every issue of public policy - no promises, no commitments. For example, "We may delist more OHIP procedures, we may not. We won't know till the time comes."

At least they'd be honest.

If you're wondering, I happen to think he will raise taxes again - he'll just blame the feds (again) - as the attempts to fix the "fiscal imbalance" did heavily favour Quebec.

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Anonymous said...

If Ontarians mindlessly re-elected this man in October, they have nobody but themselves to blame for granting McGuinty "automatic forgiveness".