Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beautiful Billboards of Great Size

Tonight, I attended my first Liberal-sponsored event.

It was the Liberal town hall advertised by Garth Turner in Whitby, Ontario - just east of Toronto.

In attendance were Derek Lee, Ken Dryden, Carolyn Bennett, John McCallum, John McKay, Paul Szabo, Maria Minna, and Dan McTeague. Garth Turner started the ball rolling, but he had to leave early for a meeting in Halton. In addition, Brent Fullard of the Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors (CAITI) was also on hand.

I'll probably talk a little more tomorrow about my thoughts; I'll even explain the title of this post.

In general, I found the experience positive (much to my surprise). It's entirely different than a Conservative event.

I also found out I really like Ken Dryden.

Garth still rocks, too.

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