Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Questions Legitimate : Mike Colle

So, the Opposition is united in calling for an audit into "Colle-gate" [Globe & Mail, Opposition demands probe into alleged slush fund]:
Opposition members at the provincial legislation stepped up their efforts yesterday to get to the bottom of an alleged multimillion-dollar slush fund, with a petition signed by all 34 Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats calling on the Auditor-General to launch a probe.

The petition asks the provincial auditor to investigate grants given by Premier Dalton McGuinty's government to multicultural groups with ties to the Liberal Party. The grants rushed out at the end of the past two fiscal years totalled $20.4-million in fiscal 2007 and $12-million the previous year.

The Minister at the heart of the matter, Mike Colle, acknowledges the questions are legitimate [Toronto Star, Questions `legitimate,' Colle says]:

"There's legitimate questions being raised and I've been trying to answer them to the best of my ability," said [Liberal MPP Mike] Colle, who as minister of citizenship and immigration has been under fire for three weeks over grants to groups with Liberal connections.

Why won't this government allow an audit to happen now? It seems the best way to show that there was nothing underhanded happening, is to allow an audit to occur.

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susansmith said...

An audit that reports before the October provincial Ontario election, so everybody knows that the slush fund is not well, a 'slush fund.'