Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bright Outlook in Ontario

Good news for Ontario; steady support for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives and increased support for the Ontario NDP.

Progressive Conservatives - 38%
Liberals - 33%
NDP - 26%
Greens - 2%

The Progressive Conservatives are holding steady but are now in the first-place position, with a five-point lead over the Liberals. They now receive the support of 38 percent of decided voters, essentially unchanged from December 2006, but 10 points higher than in the December 2003 post-election survey.


Anonymous said...

Don't count your chickens, James.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Can't help it. They have little numbers painted on their heads. :)

Anonymous said...

Check out the latest poll (June 3) by Sesresearch at . There is a virtual dead heat. John can pull it off but it will definately be very hard work but that has ALWAYS been the story of conservatives. Upward, onward!