Monday, April 09, 2007

Why I Love Science : The Arsole

Futility Closet points out why I truly love science. I present the "arsole":
Arsole is a chemical compound of the formula C4H5As. The structure is like pyrrole except that an arsenic atom is substituted for the nitrogen atom and that arsole is only mildly aromatic. Arsole itself does exist but is rarely found in its pure form. Several substituted analogs called arsoles also exist.

When arsole is fused to a benzene ring, this molecule is called benzarsole.

Arsole may be referred to in some texts as 'Arsenole' - not the correct IUPAC name, but avoids confusion with a similar sounding slang term for the anus.
That's right. "Arsole" - say that without laughing. It's also fun to say "benzarsole" and "arsenole".

I dare argue that several scientists have become scientists because of the arsole.

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owen said...

There is a mineral called cummingtonite and an anion called urinate.