Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dalton, Thy Name is Smear

Leader of the So What Revolution and Ontario's New Government, Dalton McGuinty has gone on the offensive against the opposition parties, claiming they are smearing his good government's name in connection with the ongoing Ontario Lottery & Gaming investigations [CTV, McGuinty blasts critics over OLG scandal]:

Premier Dalton McGuinty is lashing out at his political foes over what he calls a smear attempt at the Liberal government over the lottery scandal.

McGuinty accused critics and opposition leaders of using innuendo to try and link his office to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming in the wake of a scathing ombudsman's report that found retailers bilked winners out of tens of millions of dollars.

Which Ontario Liberals are offended by this?

These ones [CTV, Ontario Liberals lose seat in fierce byelection]?
The provincial Liberals lost their seat in a west-end Toronto byelection Thursday as the NDP's Cheri DiNovo defeated Sylvia Watson.


DiNovo said Liberals were taking her sermons out of context in a desperate attempt to smear her.

How about these ones [CNW Group, What is John Tory Hiding?]?

It has now been 3 days since it was revealed that John Tory is negotiating secret deals with a radical right wing group in order to win a few votes, and he still won't tell Ontarians what he's up to.

If there's one guy that can smell the use of a good smear or innuendo, it's Dalton McGuinty, who's continued political success seems largely dependent upon it.

I guess it's time to refer back to the rhetric conversion table.

When we use attack ads and smear campaigns, we are stating facts and pointing out fallacies in our opponents' positions. It's politics. The electorate will ultimately decide if it's effective.

When they use attack ads and smear campaigns, it's completely unwarranted and unnecessary, and completely lowers the level of political discourse in this country. It's shameful. The electorate will ultimately decide if it's effective.


Zorpheous said...

John Tory use of the Lotto Scandal was a bit to much political hay for me,... seriously, there are way better sticks to hit McSquinty with.

I hate to say it, the Liberals in Ontario will try to paint John as Harris Neo-Con, it will be their only trick they can play.

Tory needs to stick to the issues, show where the Liberals failed and what he will do differently and why it will work. He should talk about his days at Rogers where he fix major problems. Positive and on key works better any day of the week.

susansmith said...

It's the alternate universe by the liberal spin/smear machine. but when the tables are turned, they go for that victim status - so uncool and shallow. Get a grip - you look shallow. The party protests too much....

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I agree, Zorph. 100%

The way Tory handled the Tim Peterson crossing, and how he responded to the Kim Craitor private member's bill speaks volumes to how he will govern inclusively and with respect.

Dee McGee just needed to be knocked off his soap box. I couldn't resist the tackle ... :)