Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ontario MPP Tim Peterson Leaves Ontario Liberals

According to the Globe & Mail, Tim Peterson is leaving the Ontario Liberals to sit as an independent, with the intent of seeking the nomination to run as an Ontario Progressive Conservative.
Ontario MPP Tim Peterson is departing the Liberal Party to sit as the sole independent member in the legislature and plans to run for the Progressive Conservatives in the provincial election on Oct. 10.

The Liberal backbencher was first elected in 2003 in the riding of Mississauga South and is the brother of former [Liberal] Ontario Premier David Peterson.

The story also quotes sources from the Liberal Party saying he demanded a cabinet spot, but I'd like to hear it from Mr. Peterson first. You'll pardon me if I don't immediately believe Liberal sources.

On another note, Thanksgiving dinner at the Peterson's might be a bit awkward.

Updated: There is a release on the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party's site from Mr. Peterson:

“My decision was not an easy one. I knew that our government and I were not in agreement and my first instinct was to not run in October,” Peterson said, citing several issues of concern to him, including energy policy and getting a fair share for Peel/Mississauga. “Fortunately I have known John Tory for several years and it was easy to establish a dialogue about these issues.

“His quick grasp of the issues that concerned me and the people of Mississauga South was not only encouraging, it was invigorating,” said Peterson. “In my discussions with John, I also became aware of what a decent, caring, humourous and charismatic person he is. In short, a natural leader. A leader who is not afraid to bring together the best and the brightest minds in Ontario to help manage Ontario’s $90 billion budget. He is one of the best and brightest.”

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Anonymous said...

The defection by Tim Peterson draws attention to the McGuinty government’s energy policy. Tim Peterson says he’s concerned that the government had announced two new gas-fired electricity plants in the riding and was poised to announce a third. "So a community that for 40 years has suffered the indignity of a coal plant spewing pollution on them is now going to be subject to more pollution caused by government".
By stealth and deception, the McGuinty government has been building gas plants near residential neighbourhoods, spewing more pollutants into the already polluted atmosphere. Environmentalists have helped sell the plan. "The Goreway (Brampton) natural gas fired power plant will help Ontario to phase out it's dirty coal fire power plants, reduce air pollution and protect public health," says Jack Gibbons, Chair of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.
Local ratepayer groups have caught on to the duplicity.
The core of the debate is how 50% of Ontario’s electricity should be supplied. The financial, health and environmental costs of the energy options can be quantified. A report by the European Commission -External Costs-Research results on socio-environmental damages due to electricity and transport (2003) determined that the health and environmental costs are 0.38 cents (per kw-hr) for nuclear and 1.68 cents for gas. If we include financial costs, supplying Ontario’s base load with nuclear saves Ontario $ 3 billion per year. Then there are the economic spin-offs to the Province vs. the gas companies. With McGuinty’s plan we get higher electricity bills with the pollution. Like Tim Peterson, we should be asking Premier McGuinty why he’s building these gas fired plants. You can contact the Premier at:

P.S. Would these gas plants have anything to do with the 5000 MWs of wind farms McGuinty also plans to have built?