Wednesday, March 07, 2007

International Women's Day

Tomorrow is International Women's Day.
2007 marks the 30th anniversary of International Women's Day. Established in 1977 by the United Nations, this important day provides an opportunity to celebrate the progress made to advance women's rights and to assess the challenges that remain. International Women's Day (IWD) encourages us to consider steps to bring about equality for women and girls in all their diversity and to celebrate the collective power of women past, present and future.

Then, the news shows up and reminds you what is wrong with the world.

From the CBC, Schoolgirls suspended for using word 'vagina' during reading of feminist play:

CROSS RIVER, New York (AP) - A public high school has suspended three students who disobeyed officials by saying the word "vagina" during a reading from a well-known feminist play.

The honour students, Megan Reback, Elan Stahl and Hannah Levinson, included the word during their reading of "The Vagina Monologues" because "it wasn't crude and it wasn't inappropriate and it was very real and very pure," Reback said.

Their defiant stand is being applauded by the play's author, who said Tuesday that the school should be celebrating, rather than punishing, the three juniors.

It looks like they were told not to say the word "vagina" during their presentation, but did so anyway. I don't understand what possible offence the word vagina carries. Granted, they did agree not to say the word - but, from all reports, they used the word, in context and in a mature manner. Why was the ban required in the first place?


Anonymous said...

The ban was silly, and the school's administration looks like the bad guy here. They should have admitted they made a mistake, and asked the girls to not mislead them again.

If you include the word "vagina" in your blog title, I'll link to you from my post about the topic I did today. Here's another contributor to the meme:

RB Glennie said...

It reminds of another incident at an American university, where College Republicans attempted to hold up signs outside a recent "performance" of the V monologues.

They were order to stop diplaying the signs by campass security, because of alleged "obscenity." The signs consisted entirely of dialogue from the "play" itself! The play which was being performed, without molestation, within the building the protestors were outside of!

As for the school, they can ban any language that they want to, as long as its done even-handedly!