Tuesday, March 20, 2007

From the Ironic Department

I subscribe to all the political party e-letters.

Just checked my email and I got an email from the Honourable John McCallum, Liberal Finance Critic, Liberal Party of Canada, and I quote:
Stephen Harper thinks he can buy votes with tax gimmicks. As Liberals, we are ready to stand up to this. Please consider a donation of $75 or $150 today to help us prepare for a future election that Stephen Harper will call.


And remember, your donation to the Liberal Party of Canada will generate you [sic] Federal Tax Credit of up to 75%, on donations of $400 or less.

So, help us oppose buying votes with tax gimmicks, by donating to a political party and get yourself a piece of a tax gimmick.

It's almost enough to make you cynical. Almost.

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