Sunday, February 11, 2007

"Right-Wing Nemesis"

Wow, it's come quick [Toronto Star, Ontario Liberals to run more women candidates]:

As for the Conservatives, [Deputy Premier George] Smitherman said they are haunted [by] the cuts made by former premier Mike Harris and the current policies of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"It's a scary reminder to Ontarians about the right-wing nemesis that lurks inside the Conservative party," he said Sunday.

John Tory will start answering for Stephen Harper, when Dalton McGuinty starts answering for Alphonso Gagliano.

It's too bad that the Ontario Liberal Party, unable to run on their own record "front and centre", have to pull out the 2004 federal Liberal Party of Canada election playbook: Conservatives are Scary™.

I have a better plan.

Pull out the 2006 federal Liberal Party of Canada election playbook.

PS: Don't forget - wait for the references to Richie Rich coming soon.

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