Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ontario By-Elections : February 8

On February 8, Ontarians in Markham, Burlington, and York South-Weston will vote for new MPPs.

I've included your Ontario Progressive Conservative candidates and their contact information.

Alex Yuan, Markham [voter information]
4128 Highway #7 East
Markham, ON
L3R 1L6 [map]
Phone: 905-475-1962

Joyce Savoline, Burlington [voter information]
3500 Fairview Street, Unit 3
Burlington, ON
L7N 2R4 [map]
Phone: 905-637-5565

Pina Martino, York South-Weston [voter information]
1285 Weston Road
Toronto, ON
M6M 4R2 [map]
Phone: 416-241-1615

General election information, can be found at Elections Ontario.

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Gregory D. Morrow said...

See "Ontario By-Elections Today" for our final commentary and "guess-timates" of what might happen.