Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mind the Dust

So, I was forced to upgrade this blog to the new version of Blogger. So far so good, it would seem. I'm going to play with the template over the next little while to see if I can get those widget things to work.

I'm also going to stop using the Technorati tags at the bottom of the post and start using the Google labels. It's keeping me awake at night.

Update: Wow, the spinner thing telling about the posting status is gone. It's now fast. Welcome to the 90's Blogger! :)

Update x 2: I've just noticed that since the upgrade, my posts don't auto-populate over at the Canadian Blog Exchange when you click on the "View Related Articles" link down below and subsequently hit the Add New Post link. I don't know if that's a known issue, or it's unique to me.

It might be because I'm using an Old World Blogger template with the new blogger, or what have you.

Update x 3: I want widgets without changing my template. That's the next thing to keep me up at night.


Suzanne said...

FYI: Re: auto-filling the textboxes-- sometimes I need to do it twice. But other than that, no real problems.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Oh, okay. I'm lazy. :)

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Personally I find this whole new blogger dealie to be a pointless unmanageable nightmare. Spending 150 minutes just getting my site to look only slightly worse than before in order to gain some small degree of functionality doesn't seem like "advancement" in my books.