Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kathleen Wynne Stands Up for Public Education

Kathleen Wynne, Ontario Minister of Education, has some advice for the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. I paraphrase:

Kathleen Wynne ... said she wants the [Peel] board to develop a budget based on the needs of kids, not on those of the provincial funding formula.

Good for Kathleen Wynne.

I'm surprised she'd stand up to Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberal Party. It takes strong leadership and a strong committment to go against your government to remain consistent with your personal convictions.

Wait, what? That was 7 years ago? That was when she fought the Ontario government's takeover of the Toronto District School Board?

But, she would hold the same views now, right [CBC, Peel school board refuses to balance books]:

Under the Ontario Education Act, Education Minister Kathleen Wynne is mandated to appoint a supervisor to take over financial control of a school board's books to balance its budget.

That would force Wynne to do the same thing she protested against as a Toronto trustee in 2002 when the Conservatives ... were in power.

Surely she has misgivings.

In an interview with CBC Radio's Metro Morning on Tuesday, Wynne emphasized her position as education minister.

"The law is very clear. If the board's budgets don't balance, then the province has to take action."

Through all of this confusion, I think the Dufferin-Peel board should agree with Kathleen Wynne's position on government-appointed supervisors and the Ontario government's education funding formula, don't you? Whatever that position might be.

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James Bow said...

The province should have abolished school boards altogether and run everything directly from Queen's Park. The amount of control the boards really have over spending is extremely limited, and almost not worth voting in school board elections for. Harris should have gone all the way in his restructuring, but the elected trustees were too convenient a set of patsies to eliminate.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I just re-read your piece on this very topic. You should have plugged it :).

James Bow: Elected to do Mostly Nothing.

I'm inclined to agree.

susansmith said...

James, are you suggesting that the federal govt pay for prov. public education? If so, that is a non-starter. The libs for all their big talk on education and fixing the funding formula in their election, didn't. What a surprise. They like to fund special projects for the media exposure, but when it comes to doing what's right, well, she still have the Cons faulty funding formula. I guess I should know, as I am a school trustee.
The article in the Toronto Star was kind of funny, with Dalton saying that all other boards balanced and why couldn't Peel. Sure they did, and most of them are deficit, and trying to figure out how to fix that. You should find out really what's going on in Education instead of just reading lib talking points.

James Bow said...

No, Jan, I'm saying that the provincial government should take full responsibility for education, and eliminate the school boards which have control of about 1% of their budgets anyway.