Sunday, February 25, 2007

Human Rights and the Rule of Law

I don't often answer questions posed in another blog's comments, but I thought I would this time. I was reading a piece over at The Phantom Observer, regarding the decision by the Supreme Court of Canada to rule that the current way security certificates are implemented is unconstitutional. Victor argues that the Supreme Court's decision was right. One commenter, Ian, disagrees:
Question ? If you are not a Canadian citizen how can you be afforded protection under the Canadian constitution?

The simple answer is basic human decency calls for it, that's why. Do unto others, as you would have done unto you. It's unconscionable to suggest that there are people that should not be afforded protections granted under the rule of law.

Now, read this [Toronto Star, Canadian boy caught in Texas detention]:

A 9-year-old Canadian boy is in a Texas detention centre after his flight to Toronto made an unscheduled stop and U.S. officials detained his family.

Now the boy's Iranian parents are pleading with Canadian officials to help secure the family's release from the immigration holding facility, which has come under fire for allegedly detaining children in sub-standard conditions.

"All the time he is asking me, `Why am I wearing the uniform? Why I am here?'" the boy's mother said, as she sobbed during a telephone interview from the detention facility yesterday.

"We didn't do nothing. My child is innocent."

[H/T, Verbena-19]. The 9-year old is being held at the T. Don Hutto Residential Center.

We can see what happens to Canadians when they are not treated with basic human dignity overseas; we rightly fight to bring them home.

We should fight to ensure that those who arrive in Canada are treated with all due protections of the law, and we should fight to ensure that Canadians unjustly treated overseas receive our full support.

Annamarie, from Verbena-19, is asking everyone to contact Peter MacKay, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, about this little boy.


Annamarie said...

Thank you for your post here, and for your comment on my site. It was refreshingly uplifting after I'd read Erik Sorensen's rather scathing comment under my article about this tragic situation.

Your approach to human rights enforces my belief that not all those on the 'right' are obstinate, obtuse, uncaring, heartless bigots, and that 'progressive right' does is not always an oxymoron. Thanks for re-enforcing this belief!

best regards,

Annamarie said...

P.S. I just noticed that you are one of us at ProgBlogs, and saw your banner up top. Thanks again! :)