Tuesday, February 13, 2007

George Smitherman and the Hard Right-Wing Group Hug Agenda

John Tory wants to put soldiers on our streets.

With hugs.

I'm not making this up.

They had George Smitherman on the CBC Toronto News at Six last night commenting on the new ads out promoting John Tory.

If you go to the CBC Toronto website, click on "Latest News at Six Broadcast" and go to about the 13:15 mark, you'll see it.

In a nutshell, Mr. Smitherman accused John Tory of both wanting to govern via a "group hug" and of harbouring a hard right-wing agenda, by relying on the opinions "Mike Harris' cronies have imposed upon him".

That's right. John Tory is going to impose a hard right-wing group hug agenda.

Has George Smitherman jumped the shark?

I mean, don't get me entirely wrong, he started out okay - the piece said something about him saying the ads lacked substance which I entirely disagree with, but it was at least a reasonable partisan attack.

But, what's a hard right-wing group hug agenda?

Now, I appreciate Mr. Smitherman's role as the "attack dog" - he can feel free to attack the opposition while the Premier can continue to look all statesman-like, but come on.

Is this the best the Grits can offer?

For those of you keeping track, we have to watch out for:


Zorpheous said...

John Tory is a Businessman who understand completely that the customer comes first. He is not in any way, shape or form a Mike Harris Neo-Clown, nor is he likely to take advice for said idiots.

Mr Tory understands th value of our social services and he understands the need for balanced budgets. More importantly, he understands the need to balance both of these things.

While I will not claim that the McSquinty Liberals have done a terrible job, I will not say they have done a great job. But I believe that John Tory can do a better job than the Liberals. I believe he will bring a more balance and real world approach to Queens Park

Anonymous said...

Found this:

Commercial #1: Robbin' Hood

Commercial #2: I won't promise NOT to raise your taxes:

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Those ads reek of those bad Freedom Party complaints about the PC's.