Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Best Idea for Tim Hortons Ever

I believe this is the best idea Tim Hortons never even thought of; but, they can take this idea if they want. Just as long as they name it after me.

First, a bit of background. I love the Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches. I think they are like 3 kabillion times better than an Egg McMuffin, and contrary to Torontoist's opinion, I think the Tim Hortons sandwich looks 100 times better too.

Anyway, McDonald's has a different sandwich offering than just the Egg McMuffin. They have the McGriddle. Essentially, it's a breakfast sandwich that can come complete with all your favourite greasy goodness - bacon or sausage, cheese, and egg - but instead of an English muffin or a biscuit or something, it's shoved in between two pancakes infused with syrup.

In short, it's a breakfast buffet in a sandwich. It's brilliant.

Well, Tim Hortons must compete and so I got to thinking.

Tim Hortons does the breakfast sandwich. What does Tim Hortons have that is sweet and could hold in a whole pile of breakfast sandwich goodness? Don't make me draw you a picture.

That's right: doughnuts (or donuts, whatever).

Tim Hortons should offer the Donut Breakfast Sandwich! Customers could put their choice of fillings - egg & cheese, bacon, or sausage - and shove it inside their choice of donut. The donut would be masterfully cut in half and filled with all that good stuff.

What says Canada more than a maple dip donut filled with bacon, cheese and egg? That's good eatin'.


Olaf said...


This is just... what're the words I'm looking for here... fucking BRILLIANT!!!

The only thing I like more than doughnuts, is eggs and sausage. If someone combined them, my journey in life would be complete.

You know how Martin Luther King Jr's dream was racial equality? Well yours could be eggs and sausage between doughnuts. You owe it to society. And more than that, you owe it to yourself.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I think there is a huge (vast!) untapped market for donut sandwiches.

Who knows what the future may hold?

Angela said...

I have recently discovered the yummy deliciousness of Timmy's breakfast sandwiches.

But with a *donut* The thought of it renders me speechless.