Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ridiculous Ad : Brita Filters

There's a commercial I just don't get, for two reasons.

It's an ad for Brita water filters, and it shows an empty kitchen with a glass of water sitting on a table. Then, the terlit flushes and the water spirals down the glass and refills. A woman emerges from a room off of the kitchen, presumably from the bathroom.

I was Sherlock Holmes in a previous life.

Anyway, text on the screen says, and I may be paraphrasing somewhat, "Water for drinking and water for the toilet come from the same source."

Then, the pitch that you must use Brita.

Now, for the parts I don't get. I don't mind the flushing and refilling glass - I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for that.

What difference does it make where the water comes from? It's not like water that swished around in your toilet is now swishing around your glass in some post-swishing action In fact, it merely implies that municipally-treated water (which the commercial now disclaims is safe for drinking), is too clean for use in your toilet. If anything, Brita is explaining why we should never flush because it's a waste of perfectly clean drinking water.

Stop flushing!

Secondly, who has a bathroom just off the kitchen? Is that a good idea? If you have that set up, are you really concerned about water quality so much as ... ahem ... air quality, while eating?

I used to have a friend who had a bathroom kind of just off the kitchen. You had to officially step in the hallway first, but then you were in the bathroom. In fact, it was right at the crossroads between the kitchen and the main living room. If you had some "issues", you would be broadcasting them to the entire house, most likely.

Just off the dining room? That's okay because the convenience would overrule any objections - especially on mystery burrito night.

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James Bow said...

An alternate version of the ad has started to appear, with another line of text saying "municipal water systems treat all water for consumption so it's safe to drink" or something along those lines.

Brita, I think, got into a little bit of water for suggesting to viewers that tapwater was the same thing as toilet water.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I think you're absolutely right, James.

Brita ad parody