Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Prediction : Howard Hampton's Likely Successor in Ontario

James Bow made me think of a Howard Hampton resignation scenario; it was inspired by a comment to my previous post.

If Howard Hampton fails to gain much in this October Ontario election, I predict he'll resign. That's not so bold - he has been leader now for 11 years and at some point, he has probably considered resigning.

If he does resign, the Ontario NDP will be looking for an extremely high-profile candidate to take his place.

I predict that if Howard Hampton resigns as leader of the Ontario NDP, Olivia Chow will go after it and she'll win. She's got face and name recognition. It would mean for the first time spouses would lead the NDP at the same time (at different governing levels, of course). She would likely gain the support of Toronto mayor David Miller and all those who supported Jack Layton in his bid for the federal NDP.

Further, if that scenario held true, the Ontario NDP would likely gain a large number of seats in Toronto, likely all but shutting out the Ontario Liberals in the city.

You heard it here.

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1 comment:

James Bow said...

Hmm... Well, we'll see. If indeed it happens, we did hear it here first!