Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ontario NDP Convention : January 26-28, 2007

If I hadn't gone on their website, I would not have known that the Ontario NDP were having a convention this weekend right here in Toronto.

The only news outlet that reported it seems to have been the Ottawa Citizen in a little snippet. I'm presuming the party faithful were notified, but it doesn't seem to have generated a lot of buzz with our intrepid Blogging Dipper friends - unless I missed it.

Is anyone going?

Ontario NDP - Convention 2007

Toronto 2007, the Ontario NDP's 23rd biennial Convention, will be held in the provincial capital, one of the most exciting,vibrant and diverse cities in the world.

Our Convention team is hard at work to ensure Toronto 2007 is fun and engaging as we get ready for the upcoming provincial election.

The Convention will feature exciting keynote speakers. Prominent grassroots activisits have been invited to speak. And training workshops will help you get the word out - Ontario's NDP is the party that will make life better and more affordable for working families.

If that isn't enough, Toronto 2007 will also feature exciting receptions and live music that you won't want to miss.

We're striving to have the largest, most diverse convention ever with delegates from every corner of Ontario. If you have any questions or you need any help signing up, getting credentials, submitting resolutions or finding accommodation or child care, contact Toronto 2007 headquarters.

See you in Toronto!

Considering this is an election year in Ontario, I would have thought this should have generated more news and buzz.

Ontario NDP Convention
Sheraton Hotel
123 Queen St W
Toronto, Ontario

Information Package [PDF]

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James Bow said...

We only care about political conventions of any political stripe here in Canada if they have a leadership race attached. If the party leader is pretty secure in his hold on the position, the media as well as the viewing audience give a collective yawn.

If, by some miracle, Howard Hampton were to resign tomorrow and throw in a leadership race at this convention, media interest would perk up pronto.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

You're probably right, James.

Which, in a way, is too bad as it's been the policy proposals that have generated a lot of heat recently (LPCQ resolution on Quebec nationhood, NDP resolution to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, etc).