Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Guess Who's Not Up to the Job Again?

Back on June 15, the Ontario Ministry of Energy launched it's Bold New Plan to Clean Up Ontario's Air. Remember?

No? Here it is, in case you forgot [Ontario Ministry of Energy, McGuinty Government Unveils Bold Plan to Clean Up Ontario’s Air]:

The McGuinty government’s aggressive plan to replace coal-fired generation with cleaner sources of energy and conservation will clean up our air, improve the health of our citizens, and contribute to the sustainability of our environment while ensuring a reliable supply of electricity, Energy Minister Dwight Duncan said today.

I was going to quote more, but it's like shooting fish in a barrel [CBC, Report reveals Ontario's smoggiest year on record]:

A government report says 2005 was the worst year on record for smog in Ontario and the problem has worsened since the Liberals came to power in 2003.

The data comes from the government's 2005 Air Quality Report, which was quietly released last month.

Now, I could rag on about how releasing a report during December when no one is paying any attention is a bad thing - I know some of my Liberal friends like to point fingers to a certain federal politician - but I think what's more important is the fact that this clearly shows that Dalton McGuinty is still not able to govern.

Meanwhile, get ready for smog advisories in the winter. Further down:

Dr. Ted Boadway, the clean air adviser to the Ontario Medical Association, ... says while there were reductions of acid rain causing nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide in 2005, the report says ozone and fine particulate matter — the major components of smog — remain the pollutants of most concern.

Is there a silver lining for our already beleaguered Ontario Liberal heroes? Of course [Ontario Ministry of the Environment, AIR QUALITY IN ONTARIO 2005 REPORT [PDF]]:

Analysis of smog and weather data strongly indicates that the American Midwest and Ohio Valley Region of the U.S. continue to be significant contributors to elevated ozone and PM2.5 in southern Ontario during the smog season.

That should be good news for the Ontario Liberal Party war room, right? A way out of this horrible mess they've gotten themselves in? A way out of Yet Another Broken Promise™?

Oops. See, the Ontario Liberal Party blamed Ontario for the smog days back in 2003 [CBC, Ontario blames U.S. for smoggy days].

Ontario's Conservative government blames high levels of smog on coal-fired plants in the United States, but the opposition says plants in the province are among the biggest sources of pollution in the country.


"We have over 2,000 premature deaths in the province of Ontario. It costs us a billion dollars a year, and yet they're only prepared to point south of the border," said [Liberal Environment critic Jim] Bradley.

Now, it would just look foolish to blame the U.S. now when the Liberals blamed Ontario before and promised to do away with those coal-fired plants. I mean, sure, they changed their mind and won't get rid of the coal-fired plants until the same time that the Progressive Conservative Party planned to, but that's neither here nor there. Right?

Bold promises, bold dreams, followed by an "aw, shucks it's not our fault we can't deliver" press conference with a startling attack on something or somebody else. It's either Mike Harris, Bob Rae, Paul Martin, or Stephen Harper - it's either the fiscal imbalance or the strong Canadian dollar. I can imagine someone around Liberal Party headquarters, even as we speak, looking for a Conservative or a Dipper to blame for this.

It's a common theme with the Ontario Liberal Party. Any time they are unable or unwilling to deliver on one of their campaign or project announcements it is because of everybody and everything else, except Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberal Party.

Dalton McGuinty wants you to believe he shines out like a shaft of gold when all around is dark. That's what he told you back in October of 2003 - and for a moment, you believed him.

There are three by-elections this February, and one general election this October. All you Dippers that voted Liberal to stop Mike Harris, you can go home now. All you Red Tories that voted Liberal to stop Mike Harris, you can go home now, too.

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JimBobby said...

Whooee! JamesyBoy, I like yer attitude. There's too many polytickle partyzans in the Canajun boogeysphere. I like a feller who ain't kissin' ass jest cause sumbuddy's wearin' the Liberal label.

Ginty ain't done squat fer ol' Mother Earth. What's got me pissed off is the nuke thing. Nuke generators ain't a way t' create clean energy. The nuke industry sez they're clean but really they ain't. Ginty's buyin' the bigbuck nuke industry's BS - hook, line an' sinker.

I hang my hat within eyesight o' the Nanticoke smoke stacks. There's talk 'round here o' convertin' Nanticoke t' nuclear. Ginty's already sed he wants t' get more nuke energy pumped out. It's got me worryin'.

I see Dion jest made Ginty's brother Dave the Grits' environment critic. Maybe he can teach Dalton a thing or two.

Yores trooly,

Anonymous said...

Before the Ontario Power Authority complied its Integrated Power System Plan, energy minister Dwight Duncan issued a directive committing Ontario to his energy policy for the next dozen years. Before the Liberals took power the Select Committee on Alternative Fuels made numerous recommendations to wean Ontario off fossil fuels. Since then, the government has doubled natural gas power generation and plans to double natural gas power generation capacity again to 12,000 MW. At the same time the plan has cut 2400 MW of nuclear. So the NOx emissions will increase and combine with vehicle emissions from the grid locked GTA and worsen smog in southern Ontario. The environmentalists think that this is a good plan because the government will also build 4000MWs of windmills in southern Ontario. Those windmills are only 25% efficient and must be backed up with the natural gas power generation. Is energy produced by 25% wind and 75% gas a better option than 100% nuclear? The gas has to be processed and piped through pristine wilderness areas. It is a non-renewable resource that will be burned up by this generation. How green and sustainable is the plan compared to building more nuclear? Other considerations like jobs for Ontario (Vs. Danish turbine manufacturers), the cost of energy to industry and energy security favour nuclear.

Jim91 said...

You might want to read this article about Dalton McGuinty admitting he flip flopped on his stance on privatizing electricity.