Monday, January 08, 2007

Green Plan Needs Gonads : Business

Using the economy and business as an excuse for not implementing a comprehensive environmental plan (A Green Plan with gonads), is a bad strategy [Globe & Mail, Green movement getting a blue-chip hue]:

Almost 40 per cent [of chief executive officers, chief financial officers and chief operation officers] said they were less likely to vote Tory in the next election as a result of the replacement of the Kyoto accord with the new provisions.

In Central Canada, 50 per cent of executives said the new act made them less likely to vote Conservative, and among manufacturing executives, almost 60 per cent were in that category.

At the same time, a remarkable 7 per sent of corporate executives said they'd back the Green Party if an election were held right away.

Yes, the survey was done by the Gandalf Group - so there's going to be calls for the validity of the survey - but I think the sentiments expressed are valid. Especially, this one, by Jon Grant, of the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Executives are waiting for some targets to be set, and some direction to be given by government, [so] they can follow and buy into it and become part of it.

At the very least, business expects the government to set strict regulations around the environment. Is it better to do it now, or let the issue linger?

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