Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Québécois Who Live in the Québécois Territory, Part le Trois

Also, we need to tell the Prime Minister that the motion recognizing the Québécois as a nation within a united Canada, is just a motion and does not mean anything.

Perhaps we can draw him a map of the Québécois Territory.

That's after we figure how to explain it to people and politicians in this country, and the international community.

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Anonymous said...

Meti are a culture is from the west and Québécois are Native-French that never left... Quebec is a native word and not french... Its a word that the french hijack over time... The British did not set out, however, to persecute Quebec's native French population. The Quebec Act, passed in 1774, allowed the Quebecois to have religious freedom.

Also at the time was slavery of native population... so to state that your native descendent are would bring about bad things like capture or get shot… That’s why many left and changed to Métis… I know because I am from Métis-Quebecois… And we had to keep are mouths shut and go to church or no job or money went to you… we the French people who the Algonquin adopted…created the nation of people called Quebecois…

Don't forget that it's like 270 years of new Native-French kids being 1774

The word Nation is used in Canada to describe First Nations Natives like the Cree-Nation so when you talk about the Quebecois they are mostly the Native-French descendents who lived and created Quebec city before 1774… Not Meti who are from the west... If your family tree dates back that far then your a Quebecois.

France back then in 1500 did not build jails they just ship you here to Quebec…it was way to get development going here…

When my great grandfather came over on one boat escaping prosecution he had to change his last name... I think it was a way to track down his descendents... The story was handed down to show the truth how we got here...

Father Paul Le Jeune proposed to the governor, Champlain that they try to promote Huron-French intermarriage. Champlain agreed not only for religious reasons, but also because intermarriage was a way of further cementing French-Native alliances. He also thought that by building a settlement in the Huron country, the French/Huron population could complete the exploration of the continent.26 While the Huron were ambivalent about accepting this proposal, the French court accepted and still promoted it during the late 1660s, namely that French and Natives “mingle” and “constitute only one people and one race.”

After the initial 1755 deportions, England decided to sent the French back to France instead of to the American colonies.. When Louisbourg fell in 1758, over 3000 Acadians from the Ile St. Jean area were exiled to France. When Quebec fell in 1759, hundreds of prisoners of war were also sent to France. In 1763, 753 more Acadians arrived from England. Generally, they lived in poor conditions. Most lived in coastal cities, though several attempts were made to settle them elsewhere. When the opportunity came to leave in 1785, over 1500 of them traveled to Louisiana.

England did not remove the Native-Franch only the real french...So when did the French come to Canada? LOL

Quebecois are people of old Quebec they are mix blood that created an identity for them selves a long time ago… Vikings and other Europeans also came to Quebec before France and mingled with natives as a new nation… This all happed before the British came… To state that all Quebecer’s are Quebecois then you actually change their identity… It’s like saying the Cree and Mohawk should now be the same under one name… The Quebec Provence should not discriminate or set up pollicise that state that all people from Quebec are Quebecois…. That like creating an assimilation province under one culture… Under First Nations of many nations a nation is not defined by its boarders… Only a selected few Quebec are trying to redefine this as all people under a boarder are Quebecois… When they do this they are erasing history of the true Quebecois…