Wednesday, December 06, 2006

National Day of Mourning : December 6th

YWCA Toronto will be holding a December 6th vigil to remember the victims of the Montreal Massacre.

Details from YWCA Toronto [PDF]:

On December 6, YWCA Toronto, will host an afternoon vigil with speakers Hayder Kadhim, Dawson College student, survivor of the September 2006 shooting spree in Montreal and recent activist for gun control, Paulette Senior, CEO, YWCA Canada, the nation’s largest single provider of shelter for women and Wendy Cukier, YWCA Woman of Distinction and Co Founder/President of the Coalition for Gun Control.

On the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, three months after the shooting spree at Dawson College and in the shadow of the end of national gun registry the speakers will share their unique and personal perspective on the impact of guns on women’s lives.

What: December 6th Daytime Vigil
Where: Woodlawn Lounge, YWCA Toronto, 80 Woodlawn Ave. East (Yonge, south of St. Clair)
When: Wednesday December 6, 2006 2:00pm
  • 1:00 Press Interviews with the speakers
  • 2:00 Heather McGregor
  • 2:05 Paulette Senior
  • 2:13 Wendy Cukier
  • 2:20 IANSA Clip on Gun Violence
  • 2:22 Hayder Kadhim
  • 2:36 Reading of the Names & Candle lighting

Why: YWCA will honour the 14 women murdered in Montreal on December 6th, 1989, as well as all women experiencing violence in their personal and public lives.

The call to action will be followed by a traditional candle light vigil and reading of the names on this national day of remembrance.

Map here.

Consider attending if you can. If you cannot, consider a donation to the YWCA Toronto when you're planning your next charitable donation.

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Anonymous said...

If possible you could post something about this year's vigil.

Women Won’t Forget will be holding their annual candlelight vigil on Saturday, December 6 at 6 pm at Philosopher’s Walk, University of Toronto (path off Bloor St. between the Royal Ontario Museum and the Royal Conservatory of Music).

We gather to remember the fourteen women who were killed in Montreal as well as the women who have been killed since then because of male violence.

The Vigil consists of a native healing ceremony, speakers and performers and ends with the laying of roses. Everyone is welcome. Ceremony proceeds regardless of the weather. For more information you can visit