Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Liberal Party Reserves Right to Protect / Appoint Candidates

Finally, one of the two big parties has come right out and said that they are going to ignore the local electoral district associations when finding candidates [Liberal Party Press Release, Liberal MPs Focused on Winning Election, not Fighting Nomination Battles]:

Under the leadership of Mr. Dion, incumbent MPs will continue to hold secure nominations while talented new candidates will be selected for unheld seats and ridings where the incumbent Liberal candidate does not seek re-election. Mr. Dion has pledged that over one-third of Liberal candidates in the next federal election will be women.

As I said previously, this isn't an affront to democracy. A political party is like a private club - it can set the rules for how it runs anyway it sees fit. The members within the party can choose to belong to a party where the central leadership picks candidates, or not. Ultimately, laying their trust with the people at the top to decide what's best for the local riding.

Admittedly, you can have some problems with local democracy - but, you can have problems with riding protection, too.

What I don't want to hear anymore, from Liberal supporters or Conservative supporters alike, is that somehow the other party lacks democratic processes when some candidate is parachuted in, or when some party leader hand picks the candidates.

Liberals have come clean on it. The Conservative Party should too.

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Anonymous said...

This is renewal? The one-third female candidates are to be allotted seats which Liberals do not hold? Cannon fodder, or principle? Tough to distinguish based on this article.

Anybody have any more details of exactly how Dion is going to ensure women get elected as Liberal MPs?

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Cat, that's an angle I hadn't considered.