Thursday, November 23, 2006

SES : Canadian Opinion of the Liberal Party 'Brand'


Although the media focus has been on the Liberal leadership, polling shows that there are clearly some bigger issues with the Liberal ‘brand’. The fact that one of every three Canadians, unprompted, used words like ‘corrupt’ and ‘scandal’ to describe the Liberals shows that the Liberal image has not recovered from the sponsorship scandal. The Liberals have a steep mountain to climb to get over this challenge. Although the Liberals will have a new leader, a key question Canadians will likely ask is – how will this new leader be a break with the past?

SES - Nik on the Numbers : What Canadians like and dislike about the Liberal Party of Canada

Nik also mentions the fact that the Conservative Party is in a statistical tie with the Liberal Party, which indeed is interesting.

Superfast Update: Wait. One third "used words like ‘corrupt’ and ‘scandal’ to describe the Liberals"? 33%?

How many people support the Conservatives? 34% [PDF]?

Coincidence? Maybe.

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